Terms of Service

Do you offer stock design?

Yes, from time to time I like to create mascot characters just for fun,  a way to monetise this hobby is selling it as royalty stock design.

Otherwise stated you can use this design for commercial purposes as long as you don’t sell it, license it or redistribute it.

Every purchase grant you the use in just 1 project: web, game, app… If you use it on a second project you should purchase it again.

For extended license with unlimited usage you can contact me.

Do you create custom artwork?

Of course, this is my job since 2003!!

How much?

I usually charge 50US$ per hour including tax, but prices may vary according to my demand.

How long?

Each project is unique. Time will depend on the complexity of the job, the client’s budget, my availability, the quality and speed of the feedback from the client, the number of revisions…

If you want to ensure my total availability, I highly recommend to contact me some weeks before the deadline. I don’t usually accept orders with less than two weeks to the deadline, and if I do, my fees are usually higher.

How many revisions?

I offer a service of custom design and I guarantee full satisfaction. Revisions will be the necessary in order to achieve the objective set.

My design process is sequential, we’ll do the work in stages – briefing, conceptualization, sketch and final design – and we’ll make all the revisions you need, but when one stage is approved, we can’t turn back again. If this happens, we would have to renegotiate the budget.

How does it works?

My design process is informal, flexible and open to the client’s participation:

  1. Just tell me about your needs and then we can agree on the service terms.
  2. The client sends a down payment of 50%.
  3. We gather all the info required to create the Brief of the project.
  4. Conceptualization: We work on the first sketches.
  5. Formalization: We polish up the sketches.
  6. Final payment.
  7. Sending of the files.


What if I don’t like your design?

If I can’t deliver perfection, I will charge just for the work you approved, so until you approve the preliminary sketch, you are free to ask for a full refund.

Which formats?

JPG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, AI, EPS… Eventually any bitmap or vector format files will be available. Notice that vector formats are more time consuming, so I usually charge a fee.

Contact me if you need any help to determine the best suited format for your project.

Who owns the copyright?

Copyright of the final work is yours upon receipt of final payment.

Anything I create that is not used in your final design belongs to me (Example: unapproved versions of your final design).


Otherwise stated, I keep the right to display the outcome of any design order in the Sosfactory portfolio, blog or social profiles in order to promote my work.

If you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by me, please contact me to discuss your needs as this certainly will increase the price of my services.

Payment methods?

The most common and quick payment is PayPal, altough I also accept bank transfer or any other secure payment method.


My prices are fixed according to my demand… In the improbable case that my demand went down, my prices would lower too. If your budget is tight but reasonable and the deadline is not urgent, maybe there would be any chances of working below my usual fee.